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Urban Legend Series

Each year, we release another installation of our Urban Legend Series. The series consists of four different beers conceived around four local Richmond-area legends. Our team of brewers research various local legends and decide which ones, by virtue of popularity, educational interest or sheer hilarity, will qualify for this year’s Urban Legend Series. This year in honor of our 20th anniversary, we have asked some of Virginia’s most seasoned brewers to join us in a collaborative effort to pick legends from their brewery’s hometown and match it with a beer style. This idea was our collaborative way to honor our brothers in brewing and come up with some great legends/beers for you, our customers to enjoy. Keep an eye on this page as we release the legends of 2014. You can also peruse the members last year’s Series.

Oyster Stout Coming Feb 24th

Due to the wild success of last year’s Urban Legend Series­and because we’re itching to brew more eclectic styles of beer­Legend is reintroducing the Urban Legend Series in 2014 with four new brews. For each beer in this series, our brewmaster John Wampler is collaborating with renowned beer experts who have been integral figures in molding the craft beer industry into what it is today. Each collaborator will chose an Urban Legend from his territory and a beer style to complement his story.

Our first release is an Oyster Stout in collaboration with Andy Rathmann, Brewmaster from St. George Brewing Company in Hampton, Virginia. With a wide range of experiences, the inspiration to create award winning brews, and even the location of his practice, Rathmann is an ideal partner to kick-off the 2014 Urban Legend Series. His story from the Hampton Roads area is based on the terror and demise of Edward Teach, who is known as his epithet “Blackbeard.”

Previous Urban Legends
Guardian Dog Doppelbock: February 2013

Richmond, Virginia has many well-known and many times told urban legends. One of the most popular is of a black dog that is said to guard a child's grave. Some believe the iron statue of the black dog resided in front of a Richmond Shop many many years ago. During her short life, the little girl would pet and talk to the dog as she passed on her way to school. When she died of scarlet fever, the statue was given to her family in order to avoid being melted down for the war effort, and placed by her grave in Hollywood Cemetery. The dog has a personality of his own and has been reportedly discovered looking in various directions. He is said to come to life if he feels the need to protect his young mistress

Legend Guardian Dog Dopplebock makes use of Vienna and dark Munich malts as the base, also incorporating Cara-Munich, Aromatic, and Chocolate malts for a hefty, toasty beer in flavor and aroma. Hops are used only for a counter to the malt sweetness. No aroma hops are added. Expect a deep mahogany color, a rich malty aroma, and a complex flavor that truly celebrates malted barley in its various forms. Look for plenty of biscuity and bready flavors, accented by caramelized sweetness, finishing smooth and mellow with hints of chocolate. ABV: 7%

Lost City Saison: April 2013

During World War II, frightened Richmonders were sure that Hitler would bomb them due to their proximity to the capital. The alternative theory is that it was a Cold War fear. It’s hard to say. Seriously, there used to be a major air force base here and it appeared to be a threat.

So a LOT of money was appropriated and a second, fake Richmond was built outside of the city. In the event of an air raid, power to the real Richmond would be cut and lights would go on in the fake city. Apparently from the air it looked similar enough to the Richmond of 70 years ago that from the sky you couldn't tell the difference!! Well, Richmond never got bombed by Hitler or the Soviets.... so the question remained: what became of this ghost town?

Solving the mystery will require a great deal of thought. To help stimulate the thought process we created Legend Lost City Saison. Pouring a vibrant pale orange, this traditional French/Belgian farmhouse ale is sturdy yet sessionable at 6.5% alc. by vol. Yeast derived fruity and spicy (citrus, pepper) aromas are layered on a soft malt canvas. Moderate levels of herbal, spicy noble hops add complexity. The finish is tart, dry and quenching.

Locomotive 231 Double Lager: July 2013

The train and the mystery surrounding the collapse of the tunnel in 1925 have been the sources of numerous urban legends in Richmond. One of the most common misconceptions is the rumor that the train was carrying passengers-many of whom are still buried in their untimely grave below Jefferson Park. We know from historical records and reporting at the time that this was not the case. The train was being used to widen the tunnel. Workers were standing on flatbed cars to reach the tunnel ceiling and cart out the resulting debris. In fact, many survivors of the cave-in crawled under these flatbed cars to safety but those who did not survive are buried there to this day.

Legend Locomotive 231 is a double amber Lager
Fermented on a California Common yeast at warmer, ale-like temperatures, this strong lager's profile could have been a train wreck if it were not for careful planning. We blend rich malt varieties with crisp, sharp hops for a deft balance. Fruity yeast esters are present up front and lead the way into a warming malt body. The finish is crisp and dry. 7% alc. by vol.

Imperial Vampire Red Ale: October 2013

The urban legend began soon after a collapse of the C&O Railroad Tunnel beneath the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. The cave-in buried several men and a train on October 2, 1925. The legend tells of a blood covered creature with jagged teeth and skin hanging from its muscular body that emerged from the cave-in and raced toward the James River. Pursued by a group of men, the creature took refuge in Hollywood Cemetery, where it disappeared in a mausoleum built into a hillside bearing the name W.W. Pool. The men and their train, including the steam engine remain entombed in the now sealed tunnel to this day and the "Richmond Vampire" reportedly haunts the tombs of Hollywood Cemtery as well as the streets of the city.

Legend Richmond Vampire Red Ale pours A deep crimson color with a sweet, robust toasted malt character balanced by the bold aromas/flavors of west coast hops. Although this is a strong beer at 8% alc. by vol., it is a balanced one as malt and hop flavors work in harmony...caramel sweetness backs up to pungent piney and citrusy hops. A clean ale yeast strain provides light fruity esters to add depth to the equation.