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Fairy Cross Raspberry Saison

Urban Legend Series

Fairy Cross Raspberry Saison

AVAILABLE JUNE 18th In Stuart, VA a state park has accredited the Legend of supernatural creatures lingering in the forests. Fairy Stone State Park was named for the cross shaped crystals found in the region — these are suggested to be created by tiny beings and are known to the public as fairy crosses. Some say they are derived from their tears while others say the fairies work diligently on their stones, eagerly awaiting a passerby to find one. The area’s surroundings are serene and relaxing, and sometimes if you let your thoughts drift away from you, you can hear the giggles of the tiny creatures.

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Fairy Crosses Saison is refreshingly simple, light in body and dry in the finish. Spicy and earthy yeast tones are accompanied by a subtle raspberry tartness.

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