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Then and Now

In 1994, Tom Martin opened the little Tasting Room/Pub off of an old gravel road called West 6th Street in Richmond's Historic Old Manchester District. Serving Legend Beer and a short list of sandwiches along with pub fries, the small pub became a popular fixture for the city's night life scene.

Today we have grown into a full size 180 seat Restaurant with a 200 seat Deck and small Beer Garden. Our Pub serves a Full Menu including some of Richmond's finest burgers and sandwiches and of course the full line of Legend Beers.

Planning a party?
All party menu items must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance. Order today, view our Party Menu.

Avid Collectors

For those who collect labels, coasters, and other brewery items: Legend Brewing will honor requests if and only if the following guidelines are met:

  1. You must mail your request in writing to:
    Legend Brewing Co.
    321 West Seventh St.
    Richmond, VA 23224
  2. You must include a self addressed stamped envelope (6X9) with two stamps per set of labels. You must live in the United States of America. [Legend Brewing does not enjoy trademark protection overseas and therefore cannot send anything with our logo on it outside of the U.S. Sorry, non-American collectors.]
  3. As of, March 30, 2012, we have 6 different Year round beer labels as well as a variety of seasonal. Not all seasonal or special labels are available year round. We occasionally have stickers and other items with our logo. When we run low on coasters we will no longer give those away. New crowns with our logo are coming soon. We do not give away hats, t-shirts, glasses, bar towels, bottle openers, beer or any other brewery items
  4. We are willing to send out, gratis, 3 samples of each label. No, you cannot get more even if you offer to pay for them. Any requests that do not follow these guidelines will be ignored. No phone calls, please.

Any requests that do not follow these guidelines will be ignored. E-mail requests will be ignored. No phone calls, please.