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Seasonal & Limited

Z Dam Ale

This pale gold ale sports a light body and a clean malt flavor. Refreshing and quenching, Z Dam evokes an acute zestiness driven by a balance of late kettle hops and the addition of ginger, orange and lime in the boil.


Legend Oktoberfest is a celebration of malt harmony. Brewed on the base of Vienna malt, Oktoberfest boasts flavors of toast, honey, and caramel. With an underlying tang, this Märzen-style lager is rich and flavorful while remaining light enough to re ...

Winter White

Spicy hops blend with hand-picked flavors of coriander and orange peel in our winterized take on the classic Belgian witbier. This brew starts with a mash of Belgian malts and wheat and finishes rich and sweet-bodied with a tangy crispness and flavor ...

American Wheat Ale

(coming soon)