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Seasonal & Limited

Belgian Wit

Get ready for our version of a classic Belgian Witbier (white beer). Belgian Wit starts with a blend of Belgian malts and wheat in the mash for a rich, sweet body and tangy crispness. Spicy hops blend in the boil with coriander and orange peel. Durin ...

Hop Frog Black Lager

Brewed in collaboration with the Poe Museum, this dark German lager has balanced roasted malt flavors and moderate bitterness. This drinkable, light bodied Schwarzbier has a hint of sweetness and a clean roasty chocolate finish.

Brady’s Blonde Ale

This limited-release beer is an easy-drinking blonde ale and has a zippy, citrusy hop aroma complemented by mild notes of honey and spice.

Monk’s Brunch

This Abbey Dubbel is deep amber in color with a rich sweet malty aroma and flavors of dried fruit. Keg conditioned with maple syrup and champagne yeast. Brewed with Tim Rouse from Seven Cities Home Brewers!

Sailing Lager

Super pale, light and refreshing. Perfect for domestic beer fans.

Norfolk Experiment Imperial Stout

A World War two rumored experiment was the teleportation and small-scale time travel (with the ship sent a few seconds in the past) of the USS Eldridge from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard to Norfolk, Virginia, on October 28, 1943. The bizarre story ...

Chocolate Raspberry Stout

Medium bodied stout with flavors of coffee and roasted barley. Loaded with chocolate malt and topped off with raspberry flavor for a romantically delicious experience.

Spiced Ale

Golden Ale spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Gorilla Train Coffee Stout

In 1952, a Ringling Brother's and Barnum and Bailey circus train derailed outside Evington, Va. Thirty-five gorillas escaped the wreckage and ran loose for three decades climbing on houses, peeking in windows, and harassing family pets. Every attempt ...

Pink Brut

Brew with female employees from both locations, this bone dry IPA has a mild hop presence and a beautiful pink hue with a light floral finish.


Legend Oktoberfest is a celebration of malt harmony. Brewed on the base of Vienna malt, Oktoberfest boasts flavors of toast, honey, and caramel. With an underlying tang, this Märzen-style lager is rich and flavorful while remaining light enough to re ...

American Wheat Ale

Legend American Wheat Ale is a pale, refreshing, light-bodied ale. Flavors of malted wheat. Honey and light hoppy presence from Appolo and Motueka hops are complimented by flavors of mellon and pear produced during fermentation on Norwegian hot-head ...

Z Dam Ale

This pale gold ale sports a light body and a clean malt flavor. Refreshing and quenching, Z Dam evokes an acute zestiness driven by a balance of late kettle hops and the addition of ginger, orange and lime in the boil.

Legend Belgian Style Tripel

Six months of aging brings a soft smoothness to this sweet, complex ale. Legend Tripel is brewed on a Belgian abbey style yeast strain which imparts flavor combinations such as banana, clove, apple, pear, even bubblegum. This is best served with frie ...


Richmond, Virginia has many well-known and many times told urban legends. One of the most popular is of a black dog that is said to guard a child's grave. Some believe the iron statue of the black dog resided in front of a Richmond Shop many years ag ...


Legend Barleywine is generously hopped to balance the huge malty sweetness. Hops account for the bitter and spicy flavors in a beer. We also dry hopped this ale, giving it a pronounced spiced-floral aroma. Expect a very rich, ruby colored, robust b ...

Belgian Quad

Legend's brewers are very proud to bring you our latest seasonal offering. Originally a small batch, limited-release beer, Belgian Quad has now found a seat as an annual release. Legend Quad was first brewed in honor of our 15th Anniversary, and we b ...